Casimir Cultural Center

Honoring The Past – Celebrating The Present – Creating The Future

Opening 2017

Located in the upper level of one its’ oldest and most cherished architectural treasures, The Casimir Cultural Center will be the newest addition to the Cambria City National Historic and Cultural District.

The former St. Casimir Polish Roman Catholic Church served the people of Johnstown for over 100 years as an active ethnic parish. It was the spiritual home for thousands of families and is associated not only with their strong faith, but the preservation of their culture and contributions to the Johnstown region.

The Casimir Cultural Center will honor this rich heritage by becoming an active venue for preserving and celebrating the multicultural traditions of our region’s past, while making them relevant to future generations.

Genealogical Symposiums, Ethnic Organization Meetings and Conferences, Speakers, Film and Documentary Showings, Musical Concerts, Art and Artifact Exhibits, and a variety of festivals, will be the types of new, educational and celebratory events planned to be held at the Cultural Center.

In preparation for the opening of the Center, restoration and repurposing will be achieved over three phases:

Phase One (current) – Exterior Masonry Repair and Restoration (COMPLETED); Removal of Existing Heating System (COMPLETED); Construction of New Bathrooms
Phase Two – Cleaning of Interior; Installation of Flooring and Sound System
Phase Three – Installation of Final Fixtures; Exterior Painting, Signage and Landscaping

Updated restoration and event program information will be made available here on our web site and also on our Facebook page.

We appreciate your understanding that true, positive and long-lasting change, takes time and a great deal of care to maintain the dignity of the building in respect to its historical and spiritual past, while repurposing it to for the present and future.

The Casimir Cultural Center is PRIVATELY owned and managed by Stella, Property Development and Event Production.
As such, no public funds have been or will be used to restore or maintain the property.

Stella Johnstown